2017 Q2 Proxy Vote

Dear Investor:

Manulife Investments is committed to simplifying, and offering a mutual fund platform that continues to help Canadian investors achieve their goals. You are receiving this notice because you own securities in Manulife Investments mutual funds to which we propose to make changes.

This is your notice of eligibility to vote on the changes that are applicable to the mutual funds you invest in. Copies of the official materials, which are the Notice of Special Meetings, the Management Information Circular and the form of proxy are enclosed with this letter to assist you with the voting process and ensure you are fully informed when making your decision. These materials are technical in nature, and we suggest contacting your advisor for assistance in understanding and voting on the proposed changes.

Your vote is strongly encouraged regardless of the number of securities you own. It is important that your securities be represented and voted.

Information highlighted in the enclosed notice:

  • Three mutual fund mergers which will take effect on or about June 2, 2017.
  •  The vote for these proposals will take place on or about May 18, 2017.
  • Following each merger, securityholders of each of the Manulife Leaders Opportunities Portfolio, Manulife Portrait Dividend Growth & Income Portfolio Class and Manulife Portrait Growth Portfolio Class (each a “terminating fund”) will become securityholders of Manulife Growth Portfolio (the “continuing fund”) and will receive securities of the continuing fund having the same value as the securities currently held in the terminating fund.
  • Neither the terminating funds nor the continuing fund will bear any costs and expenses associated with the mergers. Such costs will be borne by Manulife Investments.
  • In all cases, securityholders of a terminating fund will not be subject to a higher management fee in the continuing fund. In some cases, securityholders of the terminating funds will benefit from a decrease in management fees and in some cases, grandfathered series in the continuing fund will be created to ensure terminating fund securityholders are not subject to a management fee increase.

Tax implications of these mergers:

The three proposed fund mergers will take place on a taxable basis, and will result in dispositions of securities for securityholders of the terminating funds. Securityholders holding securities of the terminating funds in non-registered accounts will be subject to a taxable disposition resulting in either a capital gain or a capital loss. For these securityholders, one half of the capital gains is taxable, whereas one half of capital losses can be used to offset taxable capital gains. There are no tax consequences to securityholders in registered plans.

We encourage securityholders to consult with their tax professional to determine the specific tax implications for their investments.

Voting Options

Other than for votes in person, proxies need to be received by 10:00am (Toronto time) on May 17, 2017. You can vote:

  1. Online at www.proxyvote.com. Control numbers are required and located across from the name of the fund on the proxy.
  2. By mail using the provided proxy voting form, ensuring the form is signed and all pages are returned.
  3. By fax at (905) 507-5352 (English) or (514) 281-8911 (French), ensuring the form is signed and all pages are sent.
  4. By telephone at 1-800-474-7493 (English) or 1-800-474-7501 (French). Control numbers are required and located across from the name of the fund on the proxy.
  5. In person at the special meeting scheduled for 10:00am (Toronto time) on May 18, 2017 at 200 Bloor Street East (South Tower), North American Life Room, Toronto, Ontario.

Who to contact if you have questions

Please contact your advisor if you have any questions about what these changes mean or about Manulife Investments in general. If you received this information from your broker, custodian, nominee or other intermediary, please follow their instructions on how to register your vote.

Our Customer Service Centre is also available to you. You can reach us by phone or email.

Phone: 1-888-588-7999 Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 8:00pm Toronto time (English)
  1-877-426-9991 Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 5:30pm Toronto time (French)
Email: manulifemutualfunds@manulife.com / fondsmutuelsmanuvie@manuvie.com

Alternatively, if you have any questions around voting procedures, you may contact Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. toll free at 1-855-887-2244.

Thank you for investing with Manulife Investments. We value your business and look forward to working with you and your advisor to help meet your investment needs.

as manager of the Manulife Investments mutual funds


Derek Saliba
AVP & Head of Mutual Funds Product, Manulife Investments

Client letter Management Information Circular (MIC) – View Here Vote Now – Click Here



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