Simplified Prospectus and Annual Information Form

The simplified prospectus and annual information form describes the investment objectives of various Manulife mutual funds, the manner in which each fund is administered and operated, associated fees and other pertinent information. This information is designed to help investors make informed decisions about mutual fund products sold through Manulife Mutual Funds and to understand their rights as investors.

  Simplified Prospectus Annual Information Form
Manulife Mutual Funds and Manulife Private Investment Pools July 31, 2015 July 31, 2015
Amendment to the July 31, 2015 Annual Information Form and Simplified Prospectus Sept 23, 2015 Sept 23, 2015
Structured Products Oil Sands Sector Fund (February 24, 2006)
Manulife Floating Rate Senior Loan Fund (April 26, 2013)
Manulife U.S. Regional Bank Trust - Final Prospectus (June 25, 2014)
Oil Sands Sector Fund (December 31, 2014)
Manulife Floating Rate Senior Loan Fund (December 31, 2014)
Manulife U.S. Regional Bank Trust (December 31, 2014)

Manulife Canadian Equity Value Fund,
Manulife Small Cap Value Fund,
Manulife Canadian Growth Stock Fund, 
Manulife Canadian Large Cap Growth Fund,
Manulife U.S. Diversified Growth Fund,
Manulife Canadian Universe Bond Fund

March 30, 2015



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