Manulife Canadian Focused Fund

Managed by the Manulife Value Equity Team, all companies are viewed under the same fundamental proprietary lens, using a scalable and repeatable process driven by the team's fundamental beliefs unchanged since the team's founding in 1996.

The team's focus is on creating a high returning conglomerate portfolio consisting of diversified businesses to ensure that revenue and earnings come from many different sources. As a result, no single event will have a large negative impact on the portfolio.

The  fund is carefully constructed using a bottom up, style agnostic approach focusing on companies which in aggregate have exhibited high levels of profitability across several uncorrelated businesses, minimal financial leverage and attractive valuations.


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Duncan provides an outlook on the current investing environment and discusses the positioning of the Manulife Canadian Focused Fund. March 2015.


1On November 4, 2011, the Manulife Diversified Canada Fund merged into the Manulife Canadian Focused Fund. Because the fund that was merged into the Manulife Canadian Focused Fund had a larger asset base than the Manulife Canadian Focused Fund, the performance data for the Manulife Canadian Focused Fund may not be provided for any period prior to the merger transaction.   2This Fund has been capped to all new purchases as of March 28, 2013   3Formerly Manulife Dividend Class   4Formerly Manulife Dividend Fund  


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