Elite/Elite T* Series

Elite and Elite T* Series are available for investors with more than $100,000 to invest in a single fund, in a single account. Elite and Elite T* Series are designed to reward investors and advisors for your commitment to Manulife Mutual Funds.

Elite and Elite T* Series provide the following features and benefits:

  • Lower management fee – Management fees on your account are lower than traditional advisor series
  • Reduced fund expenses – The cost efficiencies of maintaining larger accounts is passed on to you, the investor
  • Customizable advisor fee – Provides you with the ability to negotiate the amount of commission paid to your advisor

Elite T* Series provides all of the above, as well as the following additional benefits:

  • Regular monthly income – Distributions are set at the beginning of each year so you know exactly how much you'll receive each month
  • Sustainable cash flow – The target annual payout resets each year to help protect your investment and enable it to help support your long-term cash flow needs
  • Tax efficiency – An attractive blend of tax-efficient income and tax-deferral benefits, as well as the potential to reduce government clawbacks
  • Customizable cash flows – The customizable cash flow option allows you to customize your monthly cash flow up to a fund's maximum payout rate

Funds Available in Elite and/or Elite T*

Manulife Asia Equity Class
Manulife Asia Total Return Bond Fund
Manulife Bond Fund
Manulife Canadian Balanced Fund5
Manulife Canadian Bond Fund
Manulife Canadian Bond Plus Fund
Manulife Canadian Corporate Bond Fund26
Manulife Canadian Equity Balanced Class
Manulife Canadian Focused Class
Manulife Canadian Focused Fund
Manulife Canadian Dividend Growth Fund9
Manulife Canadian Dividend Growth Class10
Manulife Canadian Dividend Income fund11
Manulife Canadian Investment Class5
Manulife Conservative Income Fund24
Manulife Canadian Monthly Income Fund22
Manulife Canadian Monthly Income Class23
Manulife Canadian Opportunities Balanced Class
Manulife Canadian Opportunities Balanced Fund
Manulife Canadian Opportunities Class
Manulife Canadian Opportunities Fund
Manulife Canadian Stock Class1
Manulife Canadian Stock Fund2
Manulife China Class
Manulife Corporate Bond Fund
Manulife Covered Call U.S. Equity Class7
Manulife Covered Call U.S. Equity Fund8
Manulife Diversified Income Portfolio
Manulife Diversified Investment Fund5
Manulife Diversified Strategies Fund
Manulife Dividend Income Class
Manulife Dividend Income Fund
Manulife Emerging Markets Balanced Fund
Manulife Emerging Markets Fund19
Manulife Emerging Markets Class20
Manulife Emerging Markets Debt Fund
Manulife Floating Rate Income Fund
Manulife Global All Cap Focused Fund16
Manulife Global Balanced Fund
Manulife Global Dividend Class
Manulife Global Dividend Fund
Manulife Global Dividend Growth Fund14
Manulife Global Dividend Growth Class15
Manulife Global Dividend Income Fund
Manulife Global Equity Class
Manulife Global Equity Unconstrained Fund17
Manulife Global Equity Unconstrained Class18
Manulife Global Infrastructure Class
Manulife Global Infrastructure Fund
Manulife Global Real Estate Class
Manulife Global Real Estate Unconstrained Fund21
Manulife Global Small Cap Balanced Fund4

Manulife Global Small Cap Fund4
Manulife Global Strategic Balanced Yield Fund
Manulife Global Tactical Credit Fund6
Manulife Growth Opportunities Class
Manulife Growth Opportunities Fund
Manulife High Yield Bond Fund
Manulife International Focused Fund3
Manulife International Value Equity Fund
Manulife Leaders Balanced Growth Portfolio
Manulife Leaders Balanced Income Portfolio
Manulife Leaders Opportunities Portfolio
Manulife Money Fund
Manulife Monthly High Income Class
Manulife Monthly High Income Fund
Manulife Preferred Income Class
Manulife Portrait Conservative Portfolio27
Manulife Portrait Moderate Portfolio29
Manulife Portrait Growth Portfolio30
Manulife Portrait Dividend Growth Income Portfolio31
Manulife Portrait Aggressive Portfolio32
Manulife Short Term Bond Fund
Manulife Short Term Yield Class
Manulife Simplicity Balanced Portfolio
Manulife Simplicity Conservative Portfolio
Manulife Simplicity Global Balanced Portfolio
Manulife Simplicity Growth Portfolio
Manulife Simplicity Moderate Portfolio
Manulife Strategic Balanced Yield Fund
Manulife Strategic Dividend Bundle
Manulife Strategic Income Fund
Manulife Strategic Investment Grade Global Bond Fund
Manulife U.S. All Cap Equity Class
Manulife U.S. All Cap Equity Fund
Manulife U.S. Dollar Floating Rate Income Fund
Manulife U.S. Dividend Income Class12
Manulife U.S. Dividend Income Registered Fund13
Manulife U.S. Dollar Strategic Income Fund
Manulife U.S. Dollar Strategic Balanced Yield Fund
Manulife U.S. Dollar U.S. All Cap Equity Fund
Manulife U.S. Equity Fund
Manulife U.S. Monthly High Income Fund
Manulife U.S. Opportunities Fund
Manulife U.S. Tactical Credit Fund
Manulife Tactical Income Fund
Manulife Value Balanced Class
Manulife Value Balanced Fund
Manulife World Investment Class
Manulife World Investment Fund
Manulife Yield Opportunities Fund

Additional Resources

Elite/Elite T* Series Brochure (Advisor login required)

1Formerly Manulife Dividend Class. 2Formerly Manulife Dividend Fund. 3Formerly Manulife International Dividend Income Fund. 4This Fund has been capped to all new purchases as of November 8, 2013. 5This Fund has been capped to all new purchases as of March 28, 2013. 6On June 28, 2013 the Manulife Strategic Income Opportunities Fund was converted from a closed-end fund and renamed the Manulife Global Tactical Credit Fund. 7Formerly Manulife U.S. Opportunities Class. 8Formerly Manulife Value Fund. 9Formerly Standard Life Canadian Dividend Growth Fund. 10Formerly Standard Life Canadian Dividend Growth Class. 11Formerly Standard Life Dividend Income Fund. 12Formerly Manulife U.S. Dividend Class. 13Formerly Manulife U.S. Dividend Registered Fund. 14Formerly Standard Life Global Dividend Growth Fund. 15Formerly Standard Life Global Dividend Growth Class. 16This Fund has been capped to all new purchases as of January 22, 2016. Formerly Manulife Global Dividend Income Fund. 17Formerly Standard Life Global Equity Fund. 18Formerly Standard Life Global Equity Class. 19Formerly Standard Life Emerging Markets Dividend Fund. 20Formerly Standard Life Emerging Markets Dividend Class. 21Formerly Standard Life Global Real Estate Fund. 22Formerly Standard Life Monthly Income Fund. 23Formerly Standard Life Monthly Income Class. 24Formerly Standard Life Diversified Income Fund. 25Formerly Standard Life Tactical Income Fund. 26Formerly Standard Life Corporate Bond Fund. 27Formerly Standard Life conservative Portfolio. 28Formerly Standard Life Moderate Portfolio. 29Formerly Standard Life Growth Portfolio. 30Formerly Standard Life Dividend Growth & Income Portfolio. 31Formerly Standard Life Aggressive Portfolio. 

* Elite T series was capped to new purchases on July 30, 2014.


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