Manulife Dividend Income Plus Fund

Canadian investors today face some of the most challenging conditions they have seen in the past decade, including: 

  •          The impact of current and forecasted interest rate increases
  •          Substantial market concentration
  •          Market uncertainty and increased volatility

Many traditional Canadian equity-based solutions to these challenges have often come from passive exchange traded funds, or mutual funds that are heavily invested in Canada’s overweight cyclical sectors (Financials, Energy and Materials). This approach may have worked during the recent bull market, but will it in the future? Investors using these traditional Canadian equity solutions may be left over exposed and under diversified if these sectors suffer a downturn.

Manulife Investments offers a different solution to help investors prepare for the future: the Manulife Dividend Income Plus Fund (“The Fund”) led by Duncan Anderson and the Manulife Value Equity Team. Built from the bottom up, with a fundamental value-based approach to security selection, the Fund seeks to help investors successfully navigate the next phase of the market cycle. Now that’s different.

Investing. Do it different.

Manulife Dividend Income Plus FundAssociated funds managed by this team, include:In the news:
1On April 20, 2018, the Manulife Preferred Income Class merged into the Manulife Dividend Income Class. 2Formerly Manulife Canadian Focused Class 3Formerly Manulife Canadian Focused Fund 4On April 20, 2018, the Manulife U.S. Dividend Income Registered Fund merged into the Manulife U.S. Dividend Income Fund. 5On May 25, 2018, the Manulife Unhedged U.S. Monthly High Income Fund merged into the Manulife U.S. Monthly High Income Fund.

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